About Us

Beautiful Minds Center for Autism is built on a foundation of hope and commitment to helping children and families affected by Autism and other related development disorders. Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals that are passionate about helping families understand the complexities of the disorders so their children can reach their fullest potential.

A Personalized Approach

Our mission is to promote growth, learning and progress through specialized programs that are tailored to each child’s specific needs. At Beautiful Minds, we share a common goal to provide families with beneficial services and personalized interventions that integrate proven scientific therapies in order to reduce maladaptive behaviors and improve appropriate behaviors, communication skills, social skills and coping mechanisms.

Helping Families Get Involved

We believe that in order for children with Autism to achieve their maximum potential for independent living and emotional well being in the home, school and community, their parents and families must serve as integral parts of the treatment process.

In order to foster the development of your child and create a better quality of life for everyone involved, Beautiful Minds implements a unique and progressive program that incorporates innovative behavioral and teaching techniques in a nurturing environment.

We have developed an intensive behavioral program available 7 days a week that focuses on increasing positive and adaptive behaviors through scientifically based therapeutic techniques. Each child will work with a team of therapists that employ a combination of techniques to facilitate growth and learning. The main techniques used in our therapy sessions include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Discrete Trial Learning
  • Incidental Learning
  • Social Skills Training
  • Functional Communication Training

Meet The Individuals Behind Beautiful Minds

Gabrielle Izralson, Co-director, Program Supervisor, Psy.D., BCBA

Gabrielle Izralson has worked with Beautiful Minds since its doors opened. She has worked as a behaviorist and supervisor throughout the Los Angeles area for eight years. Her work focuses on bringing a family-centered approach to the treatment of Autism by involving the entire family in therapy. Gabrielle Izralson is also a co-facilitator/ director in parent training and support groups.

Margarita Izralson, Co-director, Psy.D

Margarita Izralson is one of the co-founders of Beautiful Minds Center and has worked in the field for over 18 years. She specializes in early intervention and social skills development. Her training at Children's Hospital LA has allowed her to create a multidisciplinary approach and model to ABA treatment that emphasizes the importance of child development, cultural competence, and family systems.

Lillian Izralson, Administrative Director

Lillian Izralson shares the same passion for helping children with Autism and other development disorders reach their fullest potential. As the administrative director, she works closely with the office staff, coordinators and families to ensure each child and family receives the highest quality of treatment possible.

Cindy Wong Chacon, BCBA, MA School Psychology

Cindy Wong Chacon is a specialist in behavior analysis. She is BCBA certified and taught extensive classes in the field at various universities. Cindy Wong Chacon is also a specialist in assessment and functional analysis. She provides workshops and trainings for professionals and parents throughout California. Cindy Wong Chacon works for the Diagnostic Center of Southern California. In addition, she is a school psychologist and helps school districts develop appropriate programs for students in special education. For the past 10 years she has focused on children with challenging behaviors (severe mental retardation and Autism), emphasizing the use of ABA strategies more specifically, positive behavior supports.


Our Team of Supervisors:

We have a group of talented, dedicated psychologists, MFT's, Masters in Education, Masters in Social Work and BCBA's that comprise our supervisor leadership team. Our supervisors speak a variety of languages and have experience working in multiple settings, including the home, school, community and abroad. Supervisors work closely with behaviorists face to face in sessions, during clinic meetings, and in workshops to further educate and provide professional training. Supervisors also work directly with parents on parent training and provide constant support and guidance in treatment, development and maintenance. They collaborate with teachers and other service providers to make sure that each child is receiving the best quality and consistent treatment.