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Dr Margarita Izralson At Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Dr Margarita Izralson was recently invited to lecture on autism therapy and autism treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  Beautiful Minds Center for Autism helps children diagnosed on the autism spectrum through Applied Behavioral Analysis (otherwise known as ABA therapy).

Beautiful Minds Center is built on a foundation of hope and commitment to helping children and families affected by Autism and other related development disorders. They create individualized treatment plans for each client and work with them on ABA therapy in the home, at school and in the community.  This Los Angeles based ABA clinic asses the proper behavioral therapies for each child in order to give them the best, most personalized care available to them.

During this lecture Dr Izralson reviewed autism symptoms and diagnosis, the benefits of Applied Behavioral Therapy , common early signs of autism , how to access autism treatment, the ABA process, the importance of behavioral assessment, behavior therapy and more.

Dr. Izralson also went into great detail about the autism assessment process, how insurance companies work with families that have children who have been diagnosed with autism and the many benefits of Beautiful Mind Center that make them one of the best Los Angeles based ABA companies available to families in need.

This isn’t the first time that Dr. Izralson has been invited to speak about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA Therapy) in such a prestigious setting. She has also been invited to meet and work with the incredible doctors at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, UCLA and St. Johns hospital in Santa Monica.

Dr. Margarita Izralson has had over 20 years’ experience in autism assessment, building personalized behavior therapy programs for children ages 2-18 and training her dedicated staff on the best autism treatment available.

When you think if who you want to trust with your child’s developmental milestones and behavioral challenges, turn to the best Los Angeles based ABA Company there is. Give your child the fighting chance they need to live a happy, healthy, and productive life with Beautiful Minds Center.

Check out these great photos of Dr. Margarita Izralson in action!

To watch excerpts from her lecture at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles please click on the links below:

Concerned about your child? Do you feel like their school or community program could benefit from a meeting with Dr. Margarita Izralson, let us know. She would be happy to spread her expertise to help others understand early signs of autism, ABA Therapy and the importance of proper behavioral programs. To reach go to we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Behave In Group Settings

Sometimes fun social events can be very stressful for a child on the spectrum. Group gatherings such as assemblies, plays, places of worship, and sporting events are meant to be fun ways to spend quality time with family, friends, and peers, but when a child with autism has a difficult time functioning in a large group, it is time to figure out ways to help them enjoy they types of events.
Here are some helpful recommendations on how to make a group activity or event more relaxing and enjoyable for your child with autism:
1. Let Them Know What to Expect: Before the event, provide your child on the spectrum explanations and visual tools of what to expect when they are in a large group setting. Depending on the activity additional expectations could include sing with the group, clap when other people clap, or raise hand to ask a question. You may also want to print out a list of these expectations and give them to your child during the event.
2. Videotape your child’s role playing: Role play different social events with your child and videotape them correctly demonstrating skills. Edit the video to show only correct behaviors and then play the video back to them. While they watch the video verbally point out appropriate behaviors.
3. Practice before an Event: It is always good to practice going to a specific event right before the even takes place. Go through each step from attending the event, proper behavior while at the event, when to cheer, when to listen, etc and what to do at the end of the event before leaving. This can be done at the actual venue or at home or school.
4. Be Realistic: Sometimes no matter how much you plan, some events will just not be appropriate for your child with autism. They may be too loud, slow paced, or too long, your child may not be interested in attending and give you a hard time, etc. When you, your family and your child’s friends throw events it is always important to set realistic goals, that way the event or activity is more pleasant for everyone.
5. Reinforce Good Behavior: Provide your child on the spectrum with positive reinforcement during the event for attending and following rules. Use what is truly motivating for your child to encourage them to continue to be on their best behavior and participate appropriately at the event.
Learning to follow rules and behave appropriately in large group settings such as assemblies, places of worship, or movies can be challenging for many children, but can be extremely challenging for a child that has been diagnosed with autism. Some events repeat frequently and provide frequent opportunities for practice while others may occur every few months or sometimes once a year. Regardless of how often an event or activity occurs, or how many large events your child on the spectrum attends, it is always important to remind them of the skills they have learned in the past and teach them new skills to help them participate, stay relaxed and have a good time, no matter where they are or where they go.