Teach Your Child On The Spectrum Good Manners

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Manners are something children work on all year. Here are some to help teach your children how to be polite and treating other people with respect.

Model Proper Manners – Your child with autism monitors your every move and every word. From the day they are born they learn how to act, react, speak, and behave by watching their parents. Be a good role model for your child on the spectrum. Make sure to say please and thank you. Use kind words and be polite when speaking to both adults and children. Show your child with autism the importance of helping people and teach them how to respect all people. Explain your actions to your child so that they can learn the proper lessons on how to kind, respectful, helpful and honest.

Set Expectations – When your child with autism is prepared for an event he or she is more likely to feel less stress and respond to situations appropriately. If you child forgets how to behave in a given situation it is OK to politely remind them. Remember, they are sensitive so it is important not to embarrass them and to be respectful when correcting their behavior.

Consistency Is Key – It’s important to be consistent with your child on the spectrum. Sending mixed messages can be confusing to everyone. Remember to remind your child to use polite words and manners and to always treat people with respect. It is also necessary to practice proper ways to communicate with others and different situations that may arise. Role playing can be a great tool to use to test out specific situations that may come up in the near future.

Praise Your Child – Remember that your child with autism is learning how to behave by watching you. When your child uses good manners, acts politely and respects those around them, don’t forget to praise them for their actions in order to show them how much you appreciate the way they are behaving.

Having good manners means using appropriate words and behaviors. It means treating people with kindness and respect. Being kind and caring towards others are universal behaviors that can be demonstrated anywhere and at any time. Basic manners should be taught to your child on the spectrum when they are young and practiced daily to teach them good habits.