Beautiful Minds Center celebrates Varya Trunov for her passion and commitment to helping other


Varya Turnov, Behavioral Therapist, Beautiful Minds Center

In the month of April, Beautiful Minds Center would like to honor Varya Trunov for being our Shining Star. Since starting with Beautiful Minds Center in 2006, Varya has been a vital part of our behavioral therapist team and constantly strives to help our patients excel and live life to their fullest potential.

Varya has been part of the Beautiful Minds Centers team for almost a decade. She started working with us in 2006 and has become part of the Beautiful Minds Center’s family. Since she was a child she loved being around kids and grew up wanting to help special needs children live a more fulfilling life. When she joined the Beautiful Minds Center team as a behavioral therapist, it gave her the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

Her favorite part about working with Beautiful Minds Center is meeting new families and helping her clients, their parents and siblings significantly improve their lives by teaching them effective behavior strategies and techniques. She believes that being of service to others is the biggest accomplishment that a person can achieve and feels that the team at Beautiful Minds Center truly cares about each family they work with.

Varya considers her biggest accomplishment to be helping families stay motivated and not give-up on ABA therapy when there are no immediate results and improvements. She pushes them to stick with their programs and helps them through the difficult stages to get to the visible advances. Varya did admit that her greatest challenge is to be as present and motivated at home with her son as she is at work. She believes that practicing yoga, spending time with friends & family and being surrounded by her animals keeps her balanced and helps her excel in life.

Congratulations Varya Trunov for being Beautiful Minds Center’s Shining Star in the month of April. We are thrilled to have such an incredibly caring and dedicated therapist on our team and we truly appreciate all your commitment and hard work.