Beautiful Minds Center Names Longino Barragan as their Shining Star for his hard work and dedication

longino Barragan

Longino Barragan, Behavioral Therapist, Beautiful Minds Center

In the month of March, Beautiful Minds Center would like to honor Longino Barragan for being our Shining Star. Since starting with Beautiful Minds Center in November of 2013, Longino has been an essential part of our behavioral therapist team and continuously strives to excel in his field.

Longino started his career in 1994, working with behavioral modification techniques. Growing up he was challenged with authority and felt misunderstood. Due to these challenges, he was given a teacher’s assistant position in high school where he was assigned to working with severely handicapped youth. This experience taught him that some people need extra help during different times in their lives and this inspired him to pursue a field of work that provided assistance to individuals with special needs.

What Longino loves most about working with Beautiful Minds Center is his ability to make a significant difference in the lives of the children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is very passionate about the work he does and truly loves improving the world. He believes his work changes people’s lives for the better because he is able to offer a certain understanding of life and how the world works, while at the same time, providing as much normality as possible to the lives of his client’s and their families. The countless techniques that Longino incorporates into his therapy sessions help support various challenges that his clients may be experiencing and improves relationships and the quality of life between the client, their families and everyone else involved in their lives.

Longino also spends his free time working within his community to spread autism awareness and for the past 18 years has volunteered as a high school coach for several sports, including football, soccer and softball. He is also a running coach for the Special Olympics.

Beautiful Minds Center is lucky to have someone like Longino Barragan on our team. His contributions are changing the lives of our clients and have given them the tools needed to grow, learn and progress. We thank you for your hard work and dedication.