Beautiful Minds Center Names Niki Moore as their Shining Star for her hard work and dedication.

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Niki Moore, Behavioral Therapist , Beautiful Minds Center

We are very proud to share with your our first ever SHINING STAR. We would like to honor Niki Moore for her hard work and dedication to Beautiful Minds Center. Niki joined the Beautiful Minds Center team in 2014 as a Behavioral Therapist and is inspired by the work she currently does with our patients. She particular enjoys watching the children and families she works with grow and learn new skills through the interventions and behaviors she incorporates into their sessions. Her favorite part of working with Beautiful Minds Center is the opportunity to make lasting changes to the family unit. She also enjoys working with the Izralson sisters and has learned a lot from the multidisciplinary approach that serves the Beautiful Minds Center patients well.

Niki’s greatest accomplishment has been reducing violent and aggressive behavior in children who struggle with tantrums and rigidity. She feels that aggressive behavior in the home is detrimental to the child and being able to relieve those symptoms with effective strategies allows for a less stressful family environment. Although at times she finds maladaptive behaviors to be a difficult aspect of her work, she contributes staying emotionally and physically grounded to being able to create a space where she can be a model for good behavior. In order to stay grounded Niki takes care of herself. She says “Do not allow the business of life or feelings of guilt to distract you from giving yourself a break. Advocate for yourself. Do something to treat your senses every day.”

When asked how she has seen her work change people’s lives for the better, Niki stated that the most rewarding thing is to see her patient’s start to initiate and engage in interactive play with their peers. She feels extremely proud when one of her patients walks up to a peer and asks them to play.

Beautiful Minds Center would like to thank Niki Moore for her hard work and dedication. Your contributions are changing the lives of our clients and have given them the tools needed to grow, learn and progress.