Halloween 2020: A New Way To Celebrate

Halloween is an exciting night and creates lasting childhood memories for both kids and parents. This year, instead of spending your hallows eve trick-or-treating, we’ve come up with a few “at home” activities that can keep your kids in spooktacular spirits!

 Here are some strategies that will help prepare your child on the spectrum for a night of ghouls, goblins, critters and candy at home. 

  1. Get your family together around the table for some scary stories. Incorporate sensory play with things like jello, cooked spaghetti worms, gummies in the shape of eyeballs or finger etc. and either read a classic Halloween story or create one on your own. 
  2. Create a candy or treat scavenger hunt through out the house and give clues or create riddles to keep your kids on their toes.
  3. Invite some of your quaranteam over for a surprise candy exchange. Five each kid a bag of candy that another kid would love and let them    trade for their favorites.
  4. So a costume creation costume at home and judge to see whose costume is lost creative. Don’t forget to take pictures to share with family and friends. 

With a little creative rearranging this Halloween can be just as fun and exciting as any other.