Help Your Child Increase Language and Communication Skills

There are a variety of ways to increase communication, depending on your child’s age and verbal ability. Two of the best ways in increase language skills is to be a role model and to create situations that promote language. 

Children learn from the adults around them. When you speak to your child on the spectrum, use full and complete sentences, correct grammar and make sure to articulate your words. If you think your child doesn’t understand a word you are using, repeat it and explain its meaning to them.

Creating situations to promote language is also a great way to increase communications with your child. Use their favorite toys, clothes, and food to motivate them to speak. Make sure they can see these items but can’t reach them so that they have to ask for them. Asking them questions about the items they want is also a great way to work with them to improve their language skills.

Giving your child on the spectrum choices in activities, books, toys etc. will allow them to communicate their preferences and will also create an opportunity to increase the use of language, even if you already know what they will pick.

Reading to your child is also an excellent way to incorporate language. Ask them questions about the story and the pictures in the book. Have them predict what is going to happen. After your finish the story, review it with them, ask them what they liked about the story and what they didn’t like. When your child answers your questions make sure they are speaking in complete sentences. If they are only using two to three words to describe something, increase their sentence length by repeating their answer with an expanded phrase.

It is very important to be supportive of your child who has been diagnosed with autism. Children are more likely to communicate if they feel valued. Make sure to listen attentively when they speak to you and ask questions in order to continue the conversation. Lastly, make sure you find time to communicate with your child. Putting your phones away, turning off the TV or computers and dedicating time to just talk is the best way to encourage communication at home.

Make your child feel as if their day and their experiences matter. Use the time you are at the dinner table or in the car to learn about what they did, what they learned, and what they want. It’s the perfect way to increase communication and language skills.