Should Yoi Teach Your Child To Share?

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Growing up children here over and over again that it’s nice to share, or they are asked repeatedly to share their toys with friends, family and sometimes even strangers…but are we doing a disservice to our children by teaching them to give up their toys just because someone else wants to play with them?

The fact of the matter is that in the “real world” people are not obligated to give up their possessions just because someone else asked nicely. In fact maybe we should change the way we teach our children how to share. Maybe it would be a better life lesson to teach a child that they can play with a toy once another child is done with it, and in the meantime they can occupy their time with a different toy that no other child has picked up.

It is important that your child understands that in life they can’t always get what they want and it does a child a great disservice to teach them that they can have something that someone else has, simply because they want  it.

The last thing we want is for our children to grow up into adults and think they are owed everything they see.”
It’s important to teach our kids how to cope with disappointment, because it happens. There will be times in life when they don’t get what they want, don’t achieve what they set out to do, and there won’t always be someone there to fix it for them. We need to start teaching them how they can get things they want through diligence, patience, and hard work at an early age.