The Importance Of Being Kind To Others

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School is back in session and your child with autism will be netting new people and building new relationships. It is important to teach your child on the spectrum how to act around others, especially how to be kind to others. Modeling kindness and practicing acts of kindness can help your child, who has been diagnosed with autism develop proper social skills.

Here are some ways that Beautiful Minds Center believes you can educate your child to practice acts of kindness.
Be a role model to your child – Your child on the spectrum looks to you to set a good example. When you say unkind things, they learn that this form of communication is acceptable. Try to speak positively about others around your child. Act how you would like your child to act around others.
Use stories to show examples of kindness– By reading stories to your child centered on kind acts, you show them examples of how others react to given situations. Talk to your child about the actions the characters in the story take to be kind to others and teach your child different types of kind acts. It is also great to ask your child to share times when they were kind to others and when others were kind to them.
Practice small acts of kindness – In addition to reading your child stories about kind acts, work with them on practicing kind acts on a regular basis. Teach your child to help others, create scenarios where your child on the spectrum can help someone and have your child role play what they would do to be helpful in each situation.
Support a charity – If your child on the spectrum is passionate about something, find a way to turn that passion into supporting a charity or doing volunteer work. Charity and volunteer activities teach your child that even a small amount of time and energy spent trying to help a cause can make a big difference.
From setting a good example for your child on how to be a kind to others, to working with them on different types of kind acts, practicing kindness is something that every family should make a priority. Taking the time to be selfless and give to others will make each of you a better person and will allow you and your children to lead more fulfilling lives.