Tips to Enjoy Downtime and Decrease Stress

It’s hard enough to occupy your child’s time during summer, but now that school is back in session, their anxiety and stress levels may be hitting a new high. That, coupled with lack of peer to peer interaction, could make your child on the spectrum feel uneasy.

Since these are new times for all of us, we wanted to share some ways to help you and your child enjoy whatever break time you get.

Here are 30 ways to help you and your child unwind and enjoy down time.

  1. Make them a bath
  2. Encourage them to learn something new
  3. Listen to some guided relaxation with them
  4. Write in a journal
  5. Walk outside
  6. Watch your favorite movie or tv show
  7. Eat in silence
  8. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes
  9. Color with crayons
  10. Do some gentle stretches
  11. Paint on a surface other than paper
  12. Play an instrument
  13. Take and online class
  14. Turn off all electronics and engage in pretend play
  15. Go for a run
  16. Meditate
  17. Read a book together
  18. Listen to music together
  19. Take a swim
  20. Take a hike
  21. Sit in nature
  22. Call a friend
  23. Walk on the beach
  24. Put music on and dance
  25. Play with your pets
  26. Go to the park
  27. Take a bike ride
  28. Play family games
  29. Engage in small acts of kindness
  30. Plant a garden