Toys that entertain and educate

Home schooling your child in the spectrum is no easy task, so we wanted to put together a few games and activities that are both fun and educational.

When considering what types of games your child will enjoy playing it which activities they will want to participate in, it’s important to keep in mind their developmental ability rather than their actual age so that you minimize frustration and maximize enjoyment. 

That being said, here are some toys, games and activities we think they will love.


Activity games such as therapy balls and hopper balls are a great way to allow your child to expend energy while getting a good workout. These activities improve balance, sensory integration and coordination skills. They are great for indoor and outdoor play and can be deflated and inflated for easy transportation.

Board Games

Board games such as Zingo and Apples to Apples are games that many children love. On top of recognizing or learning new images and increasing thinking skills they are also great tools to use when working on sharing, turn taking and following directions. These games are not only fun for your children, but can involve the whole family, making them perfect for expanding communication skills as well.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys such as Kinetic Sand and Brain Food help your children with tactile exploration and with sensory processing difficulty. These sensory toys allow your children to relieve stress. They also help decrease stress level because your child can squeeze, mold and run their fingers through these toys.

Building Toys

Legos are a great way to improve social skills in children with autism. They are a perfect activity for an imaginative child to do on their own, and are also great to use in a group where your family is  required to interact and work with each other. Magna Tiles are also great for children on the spectrum because they allow you to use your imagination as well, and also shape math, tactile and special skills. Both can lead to hours of entertainment. 

Make the time you have at home with your child both educational and fun by incorporating toys, games and activities they will enjoy. All of these toys should be readily available for online purchase, and will not only be fun for your kids to play with, but will also help them improve many skills.