Help for New Parents

At Beautiful Minds, we believe that in order for children to reach their full potential, their parents, siblings and  community must be aware of the complexities of Autism and actively engage in the treatment process.

Beautiful Minds is committed to helping children grow and progress by developing individualized treatment programs that focus on each child's specific needs. By teaching the family how to integrate the program in the home, we are able to foster repetition, which will ultimately incorporate the skills into the child's everyday behavior.

Family Counseling/Education

We provide counseling to help parents and siblings cope with and understand the disorder. Family therapy encourages open communication and participation from all members of the family.

Parent Training

Beautiful Minds provides a parent training program that focuses on empowering parents by teaching them to:

  • Manage the difficult behaviors they encounter with their children on a daily basis
  • Prevent certain behaviors from occurring by recognizing certain patterns and teaching replacement behaviors
  • Create a schedule in their home in order to provide their child with stability and routine
  • Implement positive behavioral strategies and effective reinforcement in order to motivate their children
  • Manage and monitor their own behavior and reactions to their children in order to be more effective in providing behavioral support and maintenance

Our dedicated team of supervisors works closely with parents and families to help children with Autism and related disorders reach their fullest potential — in the community, at school, and in the home.

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